Science & Technology

Science and technology is a double-edged sword. New discoveries lead to new technologies. New technologies lead to either an easier life or an amusing entertainment or both. But, new inventions are not like a fitness program that only has good effect to your body. With high technology comes the bad effect that affects the human race directly and indirectly. You do not need to listen to read a lot of books and science magazines to see that the fast progress of technology is taking its toll and doing some serious damage to mother Earth.

Take for example refrigerators and air conditioners. People had been so dependent on them that they do not see that these appliances were emitting chlorofluorocarbons. Chlorofluorocarbons are the biggest contributor to the destruction of the ozone layer which results to global warming. Cars emit carbon monoxides that add to greenhouse gases. Green house gases acts as insulators that prevent heat from escaping the Earth’s atmosphere.

Global warming has caused the polar ice caps to melt. This melting will cause the ocean water to rise, eventually flooding countries and cities. Global warming has also caused major climate changes that resulted to calamities, taking millions of lives.Trees that were supposed to produce oxygen and sip down floods were cut down to be used as materials for building houses and papers. Forests are destroyed to build cities. Soil is polluted due to chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Years from now, the Earth we loved will not be the same as it is today. The technology that was suppose to help us have a better life, had turned into a monster destroying our planet.

Reasons to Have Bluetooth in Your Computer

With technologies between computer and mobile phones are merging, usage of interface devices and technologies are becoming popular. To have a Bluetooth in our computer is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With its high flexibility and its usage for wireless connections in most devices makes it an important technology to have in your computer.

As mobile to computer interface

We are used to transfer data from mobile to mobile using Bluetooth. Bluetooth also acts as a great interface between cell phones and computers. Normally laptops having inbuilt Bluetooth devices, if you own a desktop computer then you need to use a Bluetooth USB/adapter to avail this facility.

As Computer to computer devices interface

If you are Fed up dealing with all those connecting wires from CPU to keyboard, mouse to CPU and limited movement of your headset, just use Bluetooth to overcome all these difficulties. Bluetooth can enable wireless keyboard, headsets, earphones, microphones, mouse and other device connections. One can use wireless headsets and earphones to make a long call from computer, enjoying the luxury of free movement within 30 feet of your Bluetooth device.

Computer to computer interface

Even though rarely used, Bluetooth can act as great PC to PC interface. Irrespective of availability of internet, you can transfer data between Bluetooth enabled computers anytime and anywhere. In Business meeting or similar situations one can take the advantage of this, due to ability to connect multiple numbers of devices at a time.

Standardized technology

Unlike data cables, irrespective of brands, the Bluetooth technology is standardized and universal. Since can be used with all devices. Standardization enables up-gradation and sustenance of technology.Does my computer have Bluetooth is what you need to ask after knowing all these benefits. With Bluetooth technology developing, its application in different methods is also increasing. So if you install Bluetooth technology today, no doubt that you can enjoy all its benefits in present and as well as in future.